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Morocco Mountains
Hi, my name is Nicola*

* waving

I am a Vinyasa, Mandala, Yin yoga and meditation teacher based in London. Outside of my yoga life I am the founder of re:earth, a non-profit created to give back to Mother Earth. I consider myself a creative thinker and lover of food, art and travel so you can expect classes from me that incorporate these elements along with the great outdoors. I aim to teach with postures, breath and meditation techniques that enable a deep connection to bring balance and inner peace.

Morocco Meditation

Follow me on Instagram @NicolaAPeters to keep an eye out for events with scientists, anthropologists, technologists, artists and spiritual story tellers as guest speakers!


I am 350-Hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher who trained under the guidance of renowned senior teachers Dulce Aguilar, Jamie Clarke, Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong. 

Spring Time Yoga

I believe in living a life full of love and gratitude, free of judgement, and I welcome all levels to practice.

Yoga Outdoors
Training & Qualifications

100 Hour 

Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism

The Yoga People

Taught by international seniors teachers Dulce Aguilar & Jamie Clarke, along with shamans Angeles Gonzales & Carlos Mundalah. The course covered the Mandala Vinyasa journey through the Elements & Shamanism:


Mandala Vinyasa based on the Elements

Teaching methodology & practice


Yin Yoga based on the Elements


Ceremonial work


Indigenas Dancing

Sweat Lodges/Temazcales. 

250 Hour

Vinyasa Yoga & Advance Assisting 

Frame Academy

Training with renowned London teachers Michael James Wong and Emily-Clare Hill at London's Frame Academy.  The training covered the following areas in depth:


History & Philosophy

Anatomy & Physiology

Asana, techniques & training

Teaching Methodology


Business of Yoga

Personal Practicum


Yoga Alliance Member

Yoga Alliance

Associate teacher: level one 


YAP insurance

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