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Morocco Mountains
Hi, my name is Nicola*

*thats me waving

I am a qualified Sound Therapist, Vinyasa, Mandala and Yin yoga teacher based in London. I love creating sound journeys through gongs, crystal bowls and other ancient healing instruments, to help people relax and find restI consider myself a creative thinker and lover of food, art and travel so you can expect classes from me that incorporate these elements along with the great outdoors. I aim to teach with postures, breath and meditation techniques that enable a deep connection to bring balance and inner peace.

Morocco Meditation

Follow me on Instagram @NicolaAPeters to keep an eye out for events with scientists, anthropologists, technologists, artists and spiritual story tellers as guest speakers!


I trained under the guidance of renowned senior yoga teachers Dulce Aguilar, Jamie Clarke, Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong. I carried out my 100 hours sound training with Simone Salvatici.

Spring Time Yoga

I believe in living a life full of love and gratitude, free of judgement, and I welcome all levels to practice.

Yoga Outdoors
Training & Qualifications

100 Hour 

Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism

The Yoga People

Taught by international seniors teachers Dulce Aguilar & Jamie Clarke, along with shamans Angeles Gonzales & Carlos Mundalah. The course covered the Mandala Vinyasa journey through the Elements & Shamanism:


Mandala Vinyasa based on the Elements

Teaching methodology & practice


Yin Yoga based on the Elements


Ceremonial work


Indigenas Dancing

Sweat Lodges/Temazcales. 

250 Hour

Vinyasa Yoga & Advance Assisting 

Frame Academy

Training with renowned London teachers Michael James Wong and Emily-Clare Hill at London's Frame Academy.  The training covered the following areas in depth:


History & Philosophy

Anatomy & Physiology

Asana, techniques & training

Teaching Methodology


Business of Yoga

Personal Practicum

100 hour
Sound Therapist


 Deep practical instrumental knowledge. Study and practice of Gongs, Himalayan and Crystal bowls, Voice, Shruti box, chimes, rain sticks, shakers, rattles,

ocean drums and shamanic drums.

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