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Interesting Reads, 6th September

This past week was the Corn Full Moon in Pisces and it was INTENSE. For myself and so many friends and family with everyone having sleep issues for days, most having a head ache of some kind and a fair few having dark dreams. There have been tears and much anxiety to say the least. Well now science seems to be finally looking into the moons effect on us earthlings, so many of us believe and experience the moons effect on us down here and it's great to read that it is no longer being brushed aside as 'pseudo science'.

The first living and photosynthesizing textile - very exciting, one day fashion could be carbon-negative.

Are you joining Oxfam's Second Hand September? I did 3 months of not buy any new clothes and it was SO easy, I am continuing on till the end of the year.

We all wear clothes and we are all responsible for what we buy and it's life span!

Be responsible for the things you buy, know what is in them and what that means for you and the planet.

A lot to get through 📚


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