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Interesting Reads, 31st August

A short week this week starting with the Bank holiday :-) here are a couple of articles for you to read over the coming days.....

I am obsessed with Figs! For me they are the ancient treat of our ancestors and everything about them makes me happy, even reading about them. Buddha found enlightenment under a fig tree, and the Ancient Egyptian were equally in love with them. Great article form the New Yorker.

I am off on holiday soon and I have been researching into UV-C light's use as a disinfectant for surfaces. It's very useful for when hiring a car and Airbnb germs in addition to antibacterial wipes etc. I have purchased one, I'll let you know if it's any good!

University of Hong Kong says 33-year-old man caught virus in March and again in August - the second wave may be round the corner.

Covid-19 led to 9.3% reduction in humanity’s ecological footprint compared with same period last year! Amazing news that it was delayed, but ultimately it is still bad news as we have used up our allowance of resources before the end of the year!!!

I love all things mushrooms! For me they are the answer to everything, packaging to medicine!


Lord Richard Layard is an economist, currently working as programme director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. He has just released a book called Can We Be Happier? Evidence and Ethics, this video is him talking about happiness and the topics of the book - it's 4 mins.

An article from Richard Layard at the start of the year:


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