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Interesting Reads 3rd August

Happy August and happy full moon - may this new month bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams.

This weeks reads:

Your immune system ages too, weakening as you get older and making you more susceptible to infections. Vit D, Zinc and Vit E seem to give an immune boost.

It's been dubbed the Metropolitan Forest *giant smile across my face.

Endemic tree species such as holly oaks, pines, poplars and strawberry trees will be planted throughout and even bridges running over busy motorways. Sounds stunning and much needed.

Two new woodlands, spanning over 84 hectares and with some 140,000 trees planted, will be created in London’s Green Belt!! Tree-planting will start in November 2020 and will play a vital role in enhancing London’s green belt. I'm trying to find out if there will be a way to join the tree planting. Who's with me?

The global lockdown lead to drastic falls in the vibrations of Earth's surface. Imagine the subtle energetic effect this will have had on us, plants and animals! If only we could have move slight waves throughout the year (minus the death and virus obviously).


Joseph traces how the influential naturalist and patron's 18th century plant-hunting expeditions transformed Europe, from it's industry and medical practices to it's diet and even it's fashion.


I love Elena and this podcast series. In this episode they talked briefly about 'DNA' - Divine Natural Ability. A topic that Nadine describes as the downloads that we can sometimes receive in those moments of connected purpose, when we are aligned with divinity. That these are our gifts! Hit me straight in the heart. Follow Elena for the most incredible wisdom @elenabrower and Nadine on all things yoga @universalempress


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