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Interesting Reads 26th July

I have been on an immune boosting and anti-inflammatory diet since the start of lock down to help strengthen my immune system to fight my Graves Disease - but the timing couldn't have been better to give my immune system a helping hand in relation to stay well and safe from Covid-19. I think the pandemic has brought awareness to our health and wellbeing in a way that hasn't happened before. Whether you are seeking yoga, breathing exercises to strength your respiratory tract or foods to boost immunity, I'm with you. Each week I will post some articles, videos or podcasts that I have found interesting and relevant as well as recipes I have found tasty and helpful. The articles will also cover art, science and ancient knowledge that I find as and when.

Some will be light reads, perfect for a tea break and others will be longer reads better saved for the weekend. I love sharing knowledge and hope these articles are useful and enjoyable for you as they are for me......

Between February and March 2020, online searches for ‘foods that benefit the immune system’ rose by 66% according to food trend research site TasteWise. (Check out TasteWise if you are interested in food trends). This article covers a launch of a brand called Just BE Kitchen, based in Denver, USA so not helpful for us London/Uk based peeps, but very interesting to see companies taking this approach, I'm on the look out for the UK equivalent. Check out the article for soup, salad and smoothie suggestions to help your immune system.

This website is one of my favourites, I love when their newsletter comes through! I have been making my way through this list of smoothies for breakfast and mid morning drinks. Currently the green peanut butter smoothie is my fav. There is something for everyone, let me know which ones you love.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know how much I love the New Scientist - so expect to see lots of articles from them in these weekly update haha. This article I found particularly interesting as a yoga teacher, understanding the body in active and non-active states of rest is so important, so when I read about the damage we are causing internally from sitting incorrectly I immediately took notes. Those of you familiar with malasana will see the resemblance and have the tools to bring in these changes - basically squat and stand more!

A big topic I will be sharing articles on is of course how we can save our planet! From design and industrial ideas and technologies to ways we can changes our personal habits to contribute to healing Mother Earth. I loved this article and the work it is talking about in relation to listening to indigenous groups on how to build a blueprint for sustainable architecture.

I'm currently listening to this on Audible. An incredible insight to the uses of plant medicines and shamanism across the world.

Ok let's start with these, let me know if you enjoyed them, more to come each week.


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