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A.I Art

I’ve been making art with Midjourney A.I. and DALL.E since July 2022. Using the visions and dreams that I have from sound baths and meditations, I let the ai know what I have seen and then it creates art to reflect these descriptions.


In these pictures you can see a vision I had of Goddess Hathor (you can see her in the second image), standing in a meadow in front of the Giza plateau, under a starry nights sky.

It’s been fun, creative and addictive!! So interesting to see the A.I.’s interpretation, and variations of what I have seen. It’s like writing a story with a creative partner that you’re not sure how it will turn out but you’re creatively inspired by the process 😊.

Stay tuned for a sound bath coming in May 2023 where you will be able to create ai art with me at a sound bath.


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