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75 minutes of yin and yoga nidra followed by a relaxing 15 minute sound bath to help you drift off to sleep. Yin yoga involves pillows/cushions to help support soft holds of postures - no muscular effort needed. Both sound bath and yoga nidra classes require you lay down follow relaxing instructions - ideally done from bed 😉. Play the yin video followed by the sound bath video.....

60 Min Yin and Nidra

Teacher: Frankie Moore

Instagram: @frankiemoorehealing

Class Description:

Yin yoga and nidra, a relaxing form of yoga to unwind.


Accompanying Playlist:​ 

15 min Sound Bath

Teacher: Kasia Blackwell

Instagram: @kasiablackwellyoga


Class Description:

Press play, lay down somewhere comfortable and relax for 15 mins to the vibrations and sounds.

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