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25 mins of yoga and meditation to set you up for the day. Play one video then the other straight after.

15 Min Full Body Flow

Teacher: Arianna Elizabeth



10 Minute Meditation

An entry level 10 minute meditation to find a moment of calm in these bazar times. You can take this method with you anywhere, anytime of day, all you need is yourself and your breath.

Find somewhere you can sit in stillness for 10 minutes, preferable undisturbed if you can. It doesn’t have to be the typical cross legged pose or anything fancy, sitting on a chair, feet on the floor is just the same. Palms soft in your lap or resting on your legs. Close the eyes and begin. 

I have a lot of students asking me if “they are doing it right” or tell me that meditation “isn’t for them as they are always thinking”. But the truth is there isn’t a wrong way to do this, simply the act of sitting with your breath, with yourself IS a meditation. 

In this meditation we are simply paying attention to our breath and our thoughts – just watching them come and go and over time with more practice the thoughts lessen. We are building our attention muscles so that each time we catch ourself having a  thought in meditation we can bring ourself back to our breath, strengthening that muscle.

So be gentle with yourself and see if you can observe yourself with curiosity and compassion, returning softly to the breath each time you catch yourself in thought.

I recorded this meditation to bring a little blossom and spring to you from our garden, sat under the copper pyramid in the light of the sun . If you have headphones this will help you get the most out of the music and sounds. I hope you enjoy.

Teacher: Nicola Peters



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